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Kendall Bachman


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Long Term Client

Rob McDonald
VP of Software Engineering Capstone Logistics, LLC
"We’ve been working with Miramar during a 7-year period of tremendous growth for our company. Over that time Miramar has been an invaluable partner in providing experienced software engineering resources to assist in sustaining and supporting our growth. Recently Miramar has expanded their service to include high quality software engineering resources based in Egypt which has helped us control our overall software engineering costs. We’re looking forward to a continued partnership with Miramar as we advance further the growth of our company.”



How It Works

Managed for Your Success

We offer professionally-managed international offices so our devs can do what they do best - write and test code - while our managers handle the rest. Enjoy:

  • Proactive Communication
    Our office managers provide regular updates and keep you connected with your devs and their work progress.
  • Working Hours Match
    Our Cairo office offers a 4-hour overlap with U.S. business hours for optimal working efficiency.
  • Optimization to Scale Your Tech Team
    Our devs are vetted by senior architects with 20+ years experience to make sure they’re ready for your team.
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Build Your Optimized Team
It’s 8 a.m. somewhere. Having devs around the world means your projects keep moving - even while you sleep. Our devs are hand-selected and trusted for their ability to work within high functioning teams, and they’re ready to push your productivity to the next level.

Easily hire top talent at sustainable prices.
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120k / Month of Volume
10% Discount
200k / Month of Volume
15% Discount
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** These rates are for full time and apply to common skillsets (i.e. React, Ruby on Rails etc)
Engages in regular communication with managers and internal teams, to provide insight into the project. Makes architectural decisions.
$55 / Hr
Senior Level
Has the highest efficiency of code development. Performs code reviews and helps direct mid level and junior developers
$45 / Hr
Mid Level
Executes the vision laid out by senior developers, completing features, bug fixes and testing with efficiency. Has extensive prior coding experience.
$35 / Hr
Partners with a senior level developer in a paired programming dynamic (see below for more information). Has a CS degree and at least one year working in a production environment.
$25 / Hr


Senior Level (High English)
Executes tasks and requirements in an efficient manner. Priorities are managed and deliverables verified by senior level resources.
$30 / Hr


Senior Level (High English)
Engages in regular communication with client managers and internal teams, executing requirements and managing junior resources.
$30 / Hr
Junior Level
Executes tasks and requirements in an efficient manner. Priorities are managed and deliverables verified by senior level resources.
$20 / Hr


Meet Our
Incredible Founders

We believe in a better development model - one that makes the world a smaller place.
We started by scouring the world for the best devs - no matter where they live - and  then built a sustainable system that acquires
top talent from surprising places.
Photo of Derek Abram
Derek Abram

Los Angeles, CA

Starting in the finance industry, Derek has been driven by a passion for great software products that are architecturally sound and make lasting change in the world they are applied. He has built a team of like minded individuals that apply this engineering-first approach to servicing clients in many industries from logistics to healthcare and technology.

Photo of Kendal Bachman
Kendall Bachman

Redding, CA

Great products are built by effective teams. It takes so much more than talent and time to produce excellence. It comes down to systems, attention to detail, and healthy principals. Whether I'm building a tree fort with my 5 kids up here in the Northern California mountains, or building a team to grow a next-gen SaaS platform, the most important element becomes how clear we can think ahead and backwards engineer the actions to make it reality.

Photo of Abdallah Khalil
Abdallah Khalil
Head of Miramar Cairo

Cairo, Egypt

Experienced JavaScript Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Angular, jQuery, Bootstrap, SASS, HTML5, WebPack, Gulp, Express.js, Nest.js, Node.js, TypeScript , REST APIs, and Asp.net . Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Computer Science from faculty of computer & information.

Vincent Alderman
Vincent Alderman
Director of Partnerships
Map of the world with pins in all the locations with Miramar staff